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Specializing in the comprehensive

treatment of children, adolescents,

adults and families.


Utilizing the latest in cutting-edge assessment and treatment techniques, we assist individuals in overcoming the obstacles impeding their academic, vocational, and social success.


Complete Family Solutionss provides a comprehensive test battery to assess academic and/or emotional functionoing for children, teenagers and adults. Extensive research and collaboration with outside clinical and medical experts allows CFS to tailor assessment procedures to meet the unique developmental needs of each individual.


All assessment measures are used to facilitiate diagnostic impressions. The primary goal of the assessments is to define and address the underlying causes responsible for the symptoms, thereby delineating specific treatment plans.

•  Cognitive ability

•  Achievement

•  Visual and auditory processing

•  Fine and gross motor skills

•  Language development

•  Attention

•  Memory

•  Sensory integration

•  Personality

•  Behavioral and emotional functioning


Content Areas for Assessment Include: